This theory tab is a total mishmash.
This theory tab is a total mishmash.

Some of the theory will directly apply to systems thinking, systems change, developmental evaluation, and even impact frameworks. On the other hand, it may delve into ontology, Hegel, gender as performance. But that’s ok. It all connects (eventually).

If you’re a theory head, besides some wonderful podcasts out there, we will be reviewing and promoting the work of the world renowned philosopher rockstar Judith Butler. We’ll also be looking at the Slovene Triumvirate: Zupančič, Dolar, and Žižek. Žižek in particular is a controversial figure, but somebody that can’t be ignored.  Stay tuned.

Developmental Evaluation

Here we are. My first theory submission. I’ll start with Developmental Evaluation (DE). In my experience what most people most dislike about evaluation is that

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