Impact measurement is like sailing

Hands down this is a valuable resource or guide outlining the important features of impact measurement for social purpose organizations. Using a sailing analogy, the authors show that impact measurement is not a one size fits all process and just as importantly depending on what phase your venture sits, you need to adapt the process […]

What Impact?

I learned plenty from this article by two professors at the Harvard Business School. The title of their paper: What Impact? A Framework for Measuring the Scale and Scope of Social Performance. California Management Review, May 1, 2014. Don’t be off put by the title. They make some strong points regarding whether community organizations are […]

Did Charity Village ever listen to …

I briefly got to work with Paul Taylor when he was ED at FoodShare. Incredible personality. Here is FoodShare’s open letter to Charity Village about the importance of posting salary or a salary range in their job postings. Compensation information relayed to potential applicants is a must. ONN does it right. This is what you […]

A serious stand on systems wide change is needed

I just finished reading Vinod Rajasekaran’s piece on Social Innovation Canada’s website. Vinod is the publisher and CEO of Future of Good, a website chalk full of great info for those working in social innovation. Future of Good is very topical and not afraid to raise serious questions about the charitable and nonprofit sector especially. […]

Developmental Evaluation

Here we are. My first theory submission. I’ll start with Developmental Evaluation (DE). In my experience what most people most dislike about evaluation is that it’s rarely an organizational priority, and when it is, it isn’t created as a specific staff position. Rarely do you see “Evaluation Manager” or “Evaluation Lead” as job titles. Usually […]

Step into the River: A Framework for Economic Reconciliation

The extent to which economic reconciliation can be transformative depends on whether we ourselves are willing to transform. For our economy to shift, we need to rethink what we value, how we relate to one another and how we make decisions. This Framework offers a set of values, fundamental practices and ideas for action to […]

Impact and the Social/Solidarity Economy

Social Impact measurement for the Social and Solidarity Economy OECD 2021 PDF This is perhaps the most comprehensive document I’ve read on impact measurement and its relation to social purpose organizations. Fact #1: There exists no single internationally accepted conceptual framework to value social impact nor to understand the drivers and obstacles to create that […]

Roadmap to Social Impact

Ramia, I., Powell, A., Stratton, K., Stokes, C., Meltzer, A., Muir, K. (2021).Roadmap to outcomes measurement. Your step-by-step guide to planning, measuring and communicating social impact. Centre for Social Impact. Hey, the more I’m reading about social impact the more I’m realizing that a Theory of Change and Logic Model are important pieces, but you […]